mildred (anonymousfool) wrote,

The topic for today is......

dead babies!! duh!! well im actually really angry with those dead babies. and heres why...they dont look very real anymore after a few days or weeks. so when i try to bring any of my babies to the zoo, the people always ask me what kind of DOLL i have..hmm i always say "ya know what lady?? its NOT a doll! its (usually i bring mildred jr or shartruce)and its my baby!!" i put my sisters make up on one of them one time and it looked okay for a little bit..but then it just got gross.well, what can ya do?? i mean hahahaha.. its funny sometimes because when im out working in my backyard theres these kids in the next yard and they try to get on the fence to see what im doing so i grab a chicken leg and jock it over the fence and it hits one the ass wipes in the face and they run away crying. thats what they get ya know?? if you were spying on someone, like a neighbor, you would probably throw some chicken at them too am i right?? am i right?? yes i am.with that said im going to back to work and fix the clay baby sculptures in the yard..and im heavily equipped with a big bowl of hot and spicy chicken wings...SO BEWARE!!
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